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The Daring to Shift Program is based on the Daring Way™ methodology developed from the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Daring to Shift Programs are about cultivating courage, authenticity and utilizing your unique value-based foundation to create the life you want dramatically changing how you live, love, work, parent and lead for the better.  It is a personal deep dive into wholehearted living…cultivating the resiliency you need to operate from a place of authenticity and boldly stepping into the challenging arenas in your life with new commitment, passion and focus.  Whether you prefer one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops or a mastermind group, I have a program for you.  All programs contain components of Brené Brown’s Daring Way™ methodology with a focus on a unique track. What do you need to create your BEST life?

Karen Senteio brought energy, enthusiasm and practicality to United Way Women’s Leadership Council’s inaugural Cocktails & Conversations:  Setting New Year’s Goals & Resolutions.   She charged our audience with abandoning the “RESolutions” broken year after year because they were built on a foundation of scarcity, i.e. “I am not skinny enough, or rich enough or smart enough, etc.” and setting “REVolutions,” which are radical and pervasive changes backed with heart.  She conducted her presentation with humor and personality, which was a big hit with our members.  And, the small group exercises she engaged the group in were well thought out and extremely engaging.  Our members left with clearly defined goals and the tools needed to successfully achieve their New Year’s REVolutions.  We will definitely ask her back to speak on other topics.


-Bree Scott-Pelczar, Senior Affinity Groups Manager, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut

One-On-One Coaching

Living Brave…

The one-on-one coaching programs are based on Dr. Brené Brown’s Daring Way methodology and components of her three book trifecta:

  • The Gifts of Imperfection – Be You
  • Daring Greatly  – Be All In
  • Rising Strong – Fall, Get Back Up, Try Again

We all want to live lives connected to what matters most to us. To live authentically takes courage. To live in ways that allow you to show up and be seen as ‘you’ may go against the norms you have accepted as ‘shoulds’, ‘musts’ or ‘expecteds’. It takes clarity, courage, and commitment and wholehearted actions to be you…in all circumstances.

What does it mean to live wholeheartedly? It means…

  • Letting go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are in all aspects of your life –– unraveling the old story and creating a new path
  • Cultivating what you need and making meaningful and conscious choices that truly reflect your values
  • Cultivating the resiliency you need to operate from a place of authenticity and courage
  • Learning how to own your story and caring for yourself through the challenging process of making space for the authentic you!

The coaching programs are a personal immersion into courageous and wholehearted practices that can dramatically improve your life, course correct or emerge! Living brave is living fulfilled! Be ready and start now.

Coaching Programs…
YOUR Gifts of Imperfection

This is a 4 month intensive coaching program designed as an immersion into wholehearted practices and a commitment to incorporating them into our daily lives. It is a personal deep dive into the 10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living by Dr. Brené Brown. The coaching program includes an assessment and a customized coaching program just for you.

Cost: $1100 if paid in full or $300 per month

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Year of Courageous Living

This is a 12 month intensive coaching program designed to help participants develop self-compassion, build shame resilience skills, deepen connections with others, as well as learn and create wholehearted life practices. This coaching program will help you create a tool kit that you can call on when you are hindered by perfectionism, self-doubt, fear and procrastination. This program is for when you know there is something bigger or different for you to do and you are ready to explore the possibilities.

Cost: $3200 if paid in full or $300 per month

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Rising Strong with The Art of Resilience

The physics of vulnerability is simple: If we are brave enough often enough, we will fall. ~Brené Brown

Group Coaching and Workshops

Group Coaching…
Rising Strong™ Intensive

The Rising Stronggroup coaching program is based on Brené Brown’s newest book, Rising Strong which is about an important REVOLUTION…how to get back up after a fall. We have been taught to believe that falling is not a part of success, but how can that be? All the wildly successful people embrace it as part of the success process. The physics of vulnerability say: If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. This group coaching program is about what it takes to get back up and how owning our stories of struggle gives us the power to write daring new endings. Struggle can be our greatest call to courage and the clearest path to a wholehearted life.

This group coaching program is:

  • An 8-week intensive program – 2 hour video conference
  • Rising Strong™ curriculum provided
  • Limited to 10 attendees; minimum of 4

Cost: $675 for the program (Dates and time of program determined by the group)

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Note: Attendance is based on an approved application. 

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind Groups…
What is a Mastermind Group?

Mastermind groups offer an interactive combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability, inspiration and support in a virtual group setting to sharpen and enhance your professional skill and enhance your personal life. Mastermind groups support members to live authentically, live all-in and face the challenges living brave will bring. You will be in the company of smart, diverse and courageous people who will inspire you to go further than you would alone. A mastermind group is not a class, group coaching or networking. It is a collaborative of like-minded individuals coming together with the intent of living braver lives or to be braver leaders. It is the pursuit of a higher calling.

We meet once a month in video conferencing for 2 hours. The groups size is limited to 8 participants (minimum of 4) to ensure that each member has the opportunity to discuss their challenges, receive feedback and set goals. There is an application process to enhance compatibility in each group. Group members will help each other set stretch goals and support each other in accomplishing them. This means there is accountability for each member to be committed to their participation and committed to the success of other participants. The group requires confidentiality and a willingness to both give and receive feedback, ideas and advice in a manner that creates and maintains strong relationships.  Group members become friends, mentors, advocates and partners on their path to daring living or daring leadership.

A mastermind group is not meant to be comfortable. It is meant to cause that prickly feeling of stepping into something new, exciting and a stretch. It is meant to bring you ALIVE!  There are two options:

‘Daring to Shift Mastermind Group’ – Anyone Seeking to Live BRAVE

This Mastermind Group is for ‘darers’ who have decided they are choosing courage over comfort and are ready to plunge into wholehearted living creating the resiliency needed to live authentically. If you are ready to change how you live, love or parent and open to going through doors you have dared not opened in the past, this is the mastermind group for you.  With the encouragement and support of the group, members will create and live goals connected to how they truly want to show up in the world. If you have found yourself day dreaming of a different life where you show up and live authentically, inspired and using your gifts, talents and skills this group will be the support you need to go into the arena.  Get ready to rumble and come alive in the company of others ready to do the same!

Start Date: March 2016

Duration:  6 months/ meeting monthly – 2 hour video conference

Cost: $997

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Note: Participation is based on an approved application. The start date and conference time will be based on the collective needs of the group. 

‘Daring to Lead Mastermind Group’ – for Leaders in Organizations

This Mastermind Group is for ‘darers’ in leadership positions looking to open their hearts and minds to a different way of thinking and therefore leading. This group turns the myth of vulnerability as a weakness on its head and addresses what really makes a good leader – the courage to authentically show up, allow ourselves to truly be seen and lead bravely, powerfully, authentically and courageously creating a culture that not only innovates and creates but that thrives and is powered by connection, engagement, ideas and energy from all levels within the organization.  The agenda will be a combination of ideas from the group and the following topics:

  • Leading with vulnerability
  • Choosing courage over comfort…going into the arena
  • Re-humanizing the workplace through inspirational leadership

Start Date: March 2016

Duration:  6 months/ meeting monthly – 2 hour video conference

Cost: $997

Click HERE to request an application or to ask additional questions.

 Note: Participation is based on an approved application. The start date and conference time will be based on the collective needs of the group.