Karen Senteio

Living with VERVE. Living with Spirit…Sitting in the seat of the authentic you and loving it!

I believe…

Living without worthiness is dangerous and out of sync with our soul.

The quest to be extraordinary is really the quest for your calling.

The universe will reward you for being you and doing what you love.

When you are authentically you, only truth can come of it and it affects every environment you are in

Inspired living is as critical as breathing air.

The monster under your bed has always been the fear of not being enough of something or someone.

So Dare…

To stop being politely fed up with not living your own life…be BEYOND fed up!

To choose engagement over sitting it out.

To abandon the concept of being completely ready, just be willing.

To allow yourself to be seen, heard and RISE.

To own your NO setting a place for YES.

To measure you through your own eyes.

To live raggedy taking chances, falling down, skinning your knees but getting back up.

To tell the monster to shut up!

So that…

You engage with the world from the position of worthiness, authenticity, unapologetic and wonderfully imperfect and the world is blessed by your unique contribution. The monster slinks away.