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Lance Secretan

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a purposeful partnership that inspires you to create the life that you want. Not just an ordinary life, but one of purpose, joy, authenticity and meaning. Life Coaching is a collaboration and encourages you to do more than you would normally do by yourself. It is a relationship of discovery, planning, accountability and action.  It is a confidential partnership that helps you navigate the terrain of change, difficulties, progress and success.  Are you ready?

VERVE can help you…

The VERVE philosophy is that there is no separate personal and business life. The responsibilities may be different in each environment, but they are both experienced by you. Understanding what matters most to you and making choices in line with your values is what makes the difference, regardless of the environment. Making the decision to be authentic in various environments allows you to freely make decisions and act according to the real you. We create our lives by each choice we make. We can either take a step towards or away from happiness, our goals or our destiny. VERVE Life Reinvention Coaching provides you with tools and a collaborative relationship to help you meet your goals encouraging you to do more than you would normally do by yourself. You have a partner to help you navigate challenging life events. Are you ready to:

  • Live an inspired life of joy and passion
  • Reconnect to dreams you put on hold
  • Uncover and live your talented purpose
  • Eliminate self-limited doubts to create extraordinary outcomes
  • Attract nurturing personal and professional relationships, create allies and eliminate damaging relationships
  • Practice extreme self-care
  • Advance in a career that is aligned to your values
  • Make effective career changes
  • Develop Social and Emotional Intelligence competencies
  • Build leadership skills based on Higher Ground Leadership® principles – learn to inspire high performing teams committed to the company vision